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Some regard their clean-eating recipes as being out of this world but it appears the latest superfood to be championed by the Hemsley sisters has been influenced by the planets.Pictured: Melissa (left) and Jasmine The programme saw the sisters visiting their local farmers’ market in Crystal Palace, south London, where they bought the eggs and biodynamic vegetables from Ellie Woodcock of Brambletye Farm in Sussex.This obsession with minimizing and masculinizing Serena isn’t just limited to a beauty standard, however.

And now, in 2017, the same frame that has somehow robbed her of her claim to femininity, that was consistently and unfoundedly associated with aggression and a brutishness that is unbecoming of a female tennis star, is being evaluated as unfit to stand in a man’s apparently dutiful place in history.

The answer to both of these is obviously no (unless you count mixed doubles, which is a whole other ball game).

However, the fact that this discussion has loomed so large over her career through a layered combination of misogyny and racism is what makes it so especially insulting that the same discussion is used to invalidate her legendary accomplishments.

It’s a bit strange but the eggs taste amazing - the yolks are bright sunset yellow and they taste better than organic.’It’s also not as easy as organic which is just not using pesticides or chemicals.

The Hemsleys came out to the farm a few years ago and the programme helps with getting the idea into people’s minds but I don’t want 100 people in my store wanting my eggs because I don’t have enough!

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