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But, yeah, I'm not always going to stick around and be confused. Jageun yeonmot (A Little Pond)* * * ½ (out of four)Seen 25 July 2010 in Salle de Seve (Fantasia 2010)A Little Pond's goal is to educate its audience about the Nogunri massacre of 1950, and it succeeds: It presents a reconstruction of that shameful incident in the best detail that the filmmakers could extrapolate.It is almost not necessarily to say any more about it; writer/director Lee Sang-woo aims to depict this thing and does so, well enough that he does not squander the horror inherent in the facts.Normally, I'm one to advocate donuts and donut holes as movie snacks (they are quiet and tasty), but that's the sort of movie that asks that you raise your standards, you know?And though I'll probably get a bunch of Canadians coming after me for this, they were only Timbits, which aren't bad but aren't Munchkins.(I had a slice of fast-food pizza for dinner, too.As we know film premiered in 2010 Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section where won the Regard Jeune award.The film is non-conventional thanks to peculiar and particular Dolan’s narrative and visual storytelling style, so know that is not suited for general audiences but for those that like art in their films.Elsewhere, Moon's second daughter Hyun-i (Kim Ji-hyun) is taking her shift at the village school, supervising the chorus which is practicing for a regional competition.

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The facts in the Nogunri case are disputed; the best-known account was published fifty years after the actual incident, but almost as soon as it led President Clinton to issue an official apology, it was found to be based in part on fraudulent accounts. I would be interested to learn how much research Director Lee did in preparing this film; much of it is told from the perspective of the village's children, who sixty years later would be the best primary sources.

Multiple food movies this year, and I really didn't do much for myself in terms of dining out! I think this is a new person handling the Japanese-translation duties (a good chunk of the staff probably turns over every few years as college kids graduate) - she didn't give the withering "why would you ask such a stupid question?

" look after the questions that waste everybody's time during Q&A.

I liked the film more for the visuals than the story that was a little bit predictable for me, but film is not about destination, is about travelling the little details and nuisances of human behavior.

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