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Kallar, Maravar, Kuravar, coastal communities etc The word 'sanscritisation' is very misleading.It was the tool by which the Colonialists tried to come to a 'common' theory for all problems by basing it on the Varna. During Colonial era, when Risley opened up the door for caste based sensus through racial science.He is not using any anthropometry or whatever of Risley as his basis for the conclusions.You haven't understood it then I think the problem is with application.It was later used by caste organisations to move up the ladder. Higher castes were rewarded and lower castes were criminalised and marginalised.

Man pannai could have been used by one community, but not the other It might have been a novelty which the author might have seen is some village on his travel, and hence chose to write about it as he thought it was unique, while in his own house they could have used bronze panai !While ground breaking discoveries may be made in the domain of natural sciences, I very much doubt they will happen in the field of sociology especially something like origin of caste system.Please do some research before posting comments out of ignorance like these.The provider of real redemption by being an invisible helper who absorbed all the blame while the under pressure Indians clammered and tampered with the social structure, under pressure from the British and racial sciences.By the way, Sociology is not rocket science (to use a much abused term) or even semiconductor technology that advances every six months that needs update every now and then unless some ground breaking theories come up.

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