Updating sansa firmwear

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This is probably the more popular of the 2 modes, and is a more "open source" type of standard.

Most computers detect the player in this mode without a problem. It is a Microsoft standard and is Microsoft's solution to connecting digital players and cameras to a window based platform.

However, a little experimentation soon showed that the automatic detection for supported USB protocols would always default to MTP, a DRM-supporting standard developed by Microsoft.

I could use MTP under both GNOME and KDE, but naturally I preferred the more standard and less restrictive MSC protocol.

Eventually, I discovered that it could -- but why didn't the manufacturer bother to mention the simple fact?

Once I researched the purchase and brought it home, I thought my troubles were over.

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Can't update the firmware to allow Vista to recognize it? Well this instructable will help you relieve your frustrations and help you to finally use your device! This is the official explination of what mtp mode is from the Sandisk website:"MSC stands for Mass Storage Class.

Yetl another problem occurred when I decided to upgrade the firmware.

If you are a Windows user, you are provided with a script called Sansa Update for automating the process, but in GNU/Linux you are on your own.

When your player is in this mode, the computer will see it the same way it would see a flash drive, as a removable disk.

It will assign it the first available drive letter, as well as one for the memory card (if applicable).

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