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A fine line to walk, if you come on too strong, you will be labeled cheesy.If you don’t ever say anything nice, then you probably won’t score any points."Stupid Girls" encouraged me to have some substance."Who Knew" taught me to cherish every moment with my loved ones. nk's dating advice for her daughter is all the proof you need. The 38-year-old superstar, who also happens to be my idol, is on the cover of 's January 2018 issue.#32 You are my best friend and greatest love all wrapped into one. #34 Settling down with you would be anything but settling. #38 There are times when you literally just take my breath away. [Read: Make them swoon – 20 swoon-worthy romantic words] #42 I feel like my whole life has led up to this moment with you. #44 Be gentle, you’ve taken my heart and soul forever.

"Now, this amazing advice isn't the only bomb advice the "What About Us? At the 2017 MTV VMAs, while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, P! No, the singer went in DEEP to prove to Willow how important it is that she stay true to herself: I went home and I made a Powerpoint presentation for her.100 sweet things to say to a girl that she’d love to hear A girl wants to know that you want her, but not too much. #16 I am grateful every day that I get to look into your eyes.She wants to know you think she is beautiful, not just her boobs. #17 I’m not a romantic, but because of you I believe in fate.#26 If our children look like you, they are going to be gorgeous. #30 I know saying I love you could get old, but my love for you never will.#27 I never knew perfection existed until I met you. [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make her smile] #31 I hope your day was as spectacular as you are.

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