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The house is said to contain an early room (kitchen) older than any in the Benjamin Abbot house, dating from 1671.There is the huge central chimney of First Period architecture, this one built on a large rock of hand made brick chimney; 5 fireplaces; wainscotting throughout the house and H&L hinges.The structure was extensively modified by Obadiah Colby in the early 1740’s. Thomas Macy was Amesbury’s first town clerk, held many town offices and was involved in numerous land transactions. How much of the original First Period house remains is uncertain, but all of the main building is pre-Revolutionary in origin.Typical is the symmetrical three-bay facade, massive center chimney, and rear salt-box leanto.While such an ancient origin is not indicated by an examination of the exterior, deed records substantiate the local tradition.

Thus the first floor summer beam is transverse although it appears as longitudinal in relation to the later fireplace.The house remained in the Abbot family through eight generations, until 1933. Thomas Abbot bought 1662 land “Westerly side of Shawsheen, Northerly side of the road together with The Mansion House and barn in together with the same with tan house and tan fats and all buildings.“from Job Tyler, whom the original Andover propietors found occupying it.Morrill, and from at least 1872 through 1884 it was owned and occupied by Albert B. Possibly a First Period house, with uneven spacing of bays, one-room depth with a two-story rear leanto, and flush eaves suggesting its early date.The original Macy-Colby House was built by Thomas Macy, probably about 1649, and sold to Anthony Colby in 1654.

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