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Being a small business, I was able to charge (an inexpensive) flat commission rate... I booked lots of weddings and hall parties, Millersville Inn, Brass Rail Pub, Purple Moose Saloon, Poncabird Pub, Feathers at the Red Rooster, Midway Cafe, to name a few.

Among my personal favorite groups were Rumors (of course), Hanzoff, Archer, Signals, Laughing Colors, Layers, Detour.

The same weekend I attended the monthly Arbutus music collectibles show and discovered yet another local 45 record. Just as the spirit of the book, artists represented here are from the Baltimore regional area and may or may not have released records.

We welcome any additional information you would like to share about local artists.

With help from my Facebook friends, pictured are Tom Berry (bass), Wilbur Mc Lamb (vocals), Eddie Bladis (drums), Jay Stermer (organ)...

This version of the group pictured on Page 3 of BS2 book - 4/2013 *************************** Rock group listed in BS-2 with sound similar to Jethro Tull.

Single release shown below has Glen Burnie address. (45) - Eastern 13/14 --- Fast Exposure Blues / The Old Place added 2/2013 *************************** Allego Entertainment was a talent agency owned and operated by vocalist/keyboardist Donna Harris (Dusty Roads, Impulse, Spring Fever, Rumors).

The track 'No Good' was produced by Rome Ramirez from Sublime.

Their album 'Daydreams' on LAW Records was released in September 2011.

The 12-track album was recorded and produced at Sound Lounge studios in Orlando, Florida by Greg Shields and Mike Stebe.

Added 1/2013 courtesy of Donna Harris *************************** Electric and acoustic rock band.

Members include guitarists/vocalists Jeff Coulson and Bob Grahe, bass guitarist Frank Florence, and drummer/percussionist Mitch Shaivitz.

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