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And, at the same time, electrical circuits consume less and less electrical power to operate.With the explosion of the communication market, more and more passive devices are and will be used for circuits.As a consequence, since we understand that spice models cannot be ideal, before starting to design a spice model of an inductor device, we need to figure out in which conditions the inductor device will be used.In other words, in which configurations of circuit and in which conditions of impedance the device is more likely to experience.onventionally, the spice model, as depicted in Figure 1, is used to fit electrical characteristics of inductor devices on a lossy substrate.We can see the series inductor component Ls as well as the series resistor component Rs.Naturally, the impedance can be any complex values from zero to the infinite.

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In addition, (scalable) spice models are mostly the only electrical information that circuit design engineers get from the manufacturers.

This makes a Spice model part of the product and its accuracy refers to a quality factor for the manufacturers.

Get an accurate inductive device spice model does not except to this rule.

Along the development of the semiconductor technologies, active devices have been able to shrink, making electrical circuits more powerful and efficient as ever.

As instance, integrated circuits (IC) are able to transmit information at high speed but also interact with the data smartly.

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