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The grim movie from the Flesh Eater punk rocker was about the LA drug scene, in which drug use (equated with undead zombies) robbed individuals of their identities and pulled them into the nightmarish world of the dead filled with ghoulish creatures.The tagline summarized the metaphoric effects: The crude and amateurish film opened with tattooed Jane (Eleanor Whitledge), not yet an habitual drug user, worried about the condition of her heroin-addicted boyfriend Dax (Bryan Small) who was experiencing visions of old friends - all users who were OD victims: She met with her concerned drug counselor Dr.Although reluctant to accept his death ("It wasn't supposed to happen like this"), Simon ultimately accepted the reality of his expiration.He remained in the afterlife with his brother Peter, who had counseled: Simon's 'death' in his dream of the year 2000 was mirrored or paralleled with his death in 2002.

Two of the paramedics at the scene were Nurse Hathaway and Travis.He tried to change reality ("I thought I could change it").He turned away from the Vista Point turn-off to take his brother to the hospital.Rick explained how he spied on Azami buying hard drugs and using them with her "strung out" ex-husband (John Diehl).Azami overdosed and died in her parents' (Jake and Elke Hill) home when staying there overnight with Rick.

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