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Maybe its a way for the elites in this country to dumb down the population with the stupid antics of most celebrities.

I use the term "celebrities" loosely because most stars today are complete whores or dumbasses.

I do not think there is a conspiracy to dumb people down, it is just that they are responding to a society where uneducated people have cash now and these do not want to be bothered with the likes of Gregory Peck. So, dumb things get ratings and they have to dumb the shows down so that people would not turn them off.

Back in the old days uneducated classes had less money and higher classes were the paragon to follow ( plus TV would advertise to them, I guess). In other countries there is either a very distinct class structure, or there is a populated that is better educated overall.

I also don't give a crap about what's going on in Jessica Simpsons life!

I sure most Americans don't care about the personal lives of celebrities either!

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What makes America the only country in the world where pop culture is considered one of the most important news items?

Russian TV is gloomy and constantly shows crime and negativity. The problem is, such whistleblowers are not covered by the corporate media, only by internet news sources.

William Colburn of the CIA once said upon retiring that "the CIA owns anybody of any significance in the mainstream media".

No wonder most of the young generation are so pretentious and deluded.

And with the exception of some very few movies and TV shows, most of what Hollywood produces these days is total garbage.

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