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Like other Jews, they followed varying routes to modernity, separating into Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi and other groups.Some families, especially rabbinic ones, kept careful track of their pedigrees, passing the tradition of royal descent from generation to generation.Some managed to stay in Palestine, others fled to Egypt, but the victorious Babylonians took most of the —the princes of the Davidic line—to Babylon.There, the King David line continued: Princes of the House of David were appointed by religious leaders to govern the Jewish community.

The Hebrew Bible is full of pages and pages of genealogies, and—knowing your lineage—can be an obsession for Jews, especially for those of illustrious ancestry.

Her father, the well-known Yiddish actor Pesach “Peishachke” Burstein, had run away from home as a teenager to join a traveling East European theater troupe, and her equally well-known mother Lillian, had been raised in Brooklyn disconnected from her family’s East European history.

Her mother’s grandmother, Rivkah Rabinovitch, had immigrated to New York but was traumatized by pogroms and rarely spoke of the past.

I spent an hour with the chair and then I went down and talked to the head of Breslov.

He asked me why the chair was so important to me.” She told him that the only thing she knew about her family’s history was that her great-grandmother Rivkah’s grandfather or great-grandfather had been Baruch, the (ritual slaughterer) of the town of Tiplik, and that he had carved Rebbe Nachman’s chair.

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