Dating uzbek hu

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Its surviving mud brick walls and towers are indicative of Zoroastrian inhabitants.

Destroyed by Genghis Khan, and restored by the admired Mongol ruler Tamerlane (also commonly known as Timur), this great trading city has much to offer those interested in the ancient Asian world.Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.Come along to hear the footsteps of history as we explore the sites and cities of the Silk Road, which once ran all the way from China to Europe, with Uzbekistan right at its heart.Next we travel south along the Amu River to the remote ruined tepe of Chilpik Dakhma, a Zoroastrian tower of silence used in funerary “sky burial” rituals until the Arab invasion of the 7th century AD.Our final destination for the day is Khiva, an important Silk Road city famous for its role as a slave trading post.

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