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[Update: 9/30/17: Trump On kindly pointed out we missed two Stern shows. However, the stories (with the exception of Heffernan’s excellent piece) didn’t address what we thought were two key points. Our research indicated he was on the show dozens of times, but not the details, exact dates, etc.

Donald Trump appeared on November 9, 1995 for 22 minutes and January 20, 1994 for at least 8 minutes (the audio is not complete). We reached out to people who operate fan sites, particularly, and on the Internet, particularly via Reddit.

The interviews begin on May 8, 1993, before Tiffany and Barron were born, Eric was 9, Ivanka was 12 and Don Jr. He had just divorced his first wife, Ivana, and was dating Marla Maples. If we’re wrong, we’d love to know the dates and get to work transcribing. We think we did a good job tagging who is speaking. This follows a pattern throughout the interviews of Stern making a statement as a question and Trump either confirming or denying the statement without repeating it.Trump first explicitly stated he wouldn’t answer a question on September 23, 2004, his 20th interview with Stern.This is 21% longer than his first book, “The Art of the Deal” (86,575 words).Hell, it’s almost half as long as the Frost / Nixon Interviews.

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