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In fact, several countries have shown interest to invite the Korean actor for fan meeting shows.

Gong Yoo is similar to Benedict as a heartthrob, being tall, lean, eloquent, overtly proper, self-deprecating, and seemingly shy of his own fame all at the same time. He is like a colleague for me and I’ve been getting along well with him for a long time." , Gong Yoo jested that his lovely, talented co-star Jeon Do Yeon knew why he is still single.

I like comfortable people now,” he said as per Soompi.

Gong added he admires someone who has a boyish personality, raising speculations that the actor might be referring to his “Coffee Prince” co-star Yoon Eun Hye.

But now, I like women whom I can be comfortable with. Looks are definitely a factor, but it's more about the soul.

"Work on your soul." Yet in another separate interview via MBC, Section TV, Gong Yoo specified just a bit more. When I was younger, I liked women who had popping emotions.

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